'Carlie Fairburn is  the jewel in the crown of the Indie music scene of Israel'  Shay Tochner

Carlie Fairburn and Yosi Chopen

Carlie Fairburn is an Australian folk musician, whose raw, honest lyrics and mesmerising voice continue to capture the hearts of all who find her. She has collaborated with musicians from all over the world, has sung in Australia, India, Turkey, Spain and much of Europe and has busked to audiences across the globe.

After traveling the planet, Carlie planted her feet in the Holy Land of Israel, finding inspiration and creativity flowing wildly for her here. After many singing adventures both solo and with Carlie Fairburn Band, Carlie now teams up with her Israeli husband and fellow musician Yosi Chopen to create "LoopINside - Hypnotic Folk Groove": A show that is currently touring Israel like wildfire.

Vocal harmonies fill the stage, Deep groove and rhythm entice the feet to move, and Carlie's lyrics transport the audience to another world: A hypnotic journey from beginning to end.

Carlie and Yosi
~Hynotic Folk Groove~
"Carlie and Yosi bring magic to the stage creating layers of sounds and vocal harmonies,
deep tribal rhythm and groove, and lyrics to transport you to another world"

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We are leaving our Israel Home and heading to Australia and India for a beautiful vacation!!
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